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Installation Accessories for A&L Furniture Co. Amish-Made Swings and Swing Beds

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These accessories can be used with A&L Furniture porch swings, chair swings, swing beds and Newport beds. With these tools, it's easy to install your swing at the patio, porch, or pergola. Hardware is not included for attaching to roof, since this will depend on your existing structure.

Hanging Hooks
These hooks allow you to hang your swing or swing bed from the existing porch rafters or other weight-bearing beam. Includes stainless steel bracket and nylon bushing with stainless steel swiveling E-hook. While all A&L Furniture swings and swing beds come with chains, they do not include hanging hooks (Exception: A-frame swing stand already includes hooks).    While we typically hang swing from two points and all swing beds from four points, it is acceptable to hang a twin swing bed from two points.   We do not ever recommend hanging a full size swing bed from two points, but always from four.   

Swing-Mate® Comfort Springs
These springs make your swing or swing bed smoother and gentler. Use of these springs still require the use of hanging hooks.    Even if you have four ropes, as in with a twin swing bed, use as many springs as you have hooks only.   If you have hanging a twin bed from two points you only need two springs.  If you are hanging a twin bed from four points you need four springs.   

Rope Kit
The rope kit replaces the standard chains that come with all swings and swing beds, providing a more aesthetically pleasing look to your porch. It is 100% waterproof, UV treated for outdoor use, and simultaneously more durable and softer than Manila rope. This set of four 3/4" diameter ropes is fully adjustable. The maximum recommended weight for this rope kit is 1000 pounds, but the weight limit for individual swings and swing beds may be less. Always abide by the lower weight limit when combining multiple items. Rope kits are named for ceiling height, not rope length. Kits assume 2' elevation above ground.

A & L Ropes are a mixture of Poly Propylene and Homopolymer.  

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