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Natural-Kote™ Elite 501 Nontoxic Soy-Based Wood Sealer

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Natural-Kote™ Elite 501 Sealer is a great finishing coat for wood stains. While wood sealer is not necessary for wood protected by Natural-Kote™ soy-based stain, it is available for an extra measure of protection.

  • Non-Toxic — this sealer can be used in areas where (once it has dried) it will come in contact with people, pets, or wildlife
  • Green Building Compliant — this nearly odorless sealer can be used in areas where air quality is important

Usage Notes
Apply Elite 501 wood sealer in two separate coats. Please be aware that water will bead on the sealer, unlike on Natural-Kote™ soy stains. So if water beading is not desired, it is recommended to use Natural-Kote™ soy stain without using any sealer.

Note: Should not be ingested, so keep out of reach of children before and during application. Once dried, it is safe for contact with people, animals, and plants.

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